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  • 1 hour 15 minutes
  • 350 US dollars
  • Egan Drive

Service Description

- 75 Minutes  - Up to 8 participants - 100 assorted items - 5 pick your own items per participant - 3 targets  - 8 confetti bottles - Aiming Targets - All safety gear - Bluetooth speaker - Wrecking tools (sledge hammer, baseball bat, golf clubs) RULES AND REGULATIONS ALL participants are required to comply with the following rules: WAIVERS: Waivers must be signed by all participants engaging in WreckIt Rage Room activities. Participants aged 14 to 17 need only one parent/guardian to be present for the group in the building but must have their waivers signed by their parent or legal guardian prior to arrival. Participants aged 8 to 13 MUST have their parent/guardian sign the waiver, check them in AT the facility and accompany them IN the rage room. The minimum age to participate is 8 years old. ATTIRE: Participants must arrive wearing a long sleeve shirt covering the stomach, long pants covering the ankles, and closed toed shoes with hard soles (which may become ripped, torn, pierced or otherwise damaged during WreckIt Rage Room activities). NO CROCS OR SANDALS ALLOWED This is mandatory to participate; if a long sleeve shirt and long pants are not worn, a pair of coveralls can be rented for the duration of your reservation for $20 in the store. ARRIVAL TIME: To maximize the amount of time available for destruction during your session, please show up 10 to 15 minutes early to check in and browse the smashables gallery, receive instruction (the rules), and browse through our showroom to find items that speak to you. Sessions end promptly at the end of the reservation time. There are no refunds or rescheduling of sessions GROUPS: Only 4 participants are allowed to enter the rage room at any time. Remaining members of the group will sit outside the room and take turns. INSIDE THE RAGE ROOM: Use good judgment and pay attention to your surroundings. Watch where you are swinging and where other participants are. Keep safety equipment on at all times. No throwing of the wrecking tools or using the wrecking tools to hit the walls or damage the building. Leave all broken objects and material in the Rage Room. Please remove all safety equipment when leaving the Rage Room. The steel wall is the target for all OBJECTS and SWINGS. NOTICE: WreckIt Rage Room activities are recorded for safety. We reserve the right to use that video to pursue legal action if you are found destroying the building or business property intentionally. ​NOTICE: No refunds or rescheduling

Contact Details

  • (612)-867-0537

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